Hello Dear Subscribers.

And a hearty welcome to all of you that are new!   The first newsletter I wrote is on my website in the blog section if you care to check it out. I will do that will all future editions as well.

The Dreaming Gourd project is rolling at an increasing fast pace!  The task of the moment is the creation of a Kickstarter campaign. YIKES! Talk about overwhelming! I admit, I had a lot of resistance to that nudge from Top Reads Publishing but I understand the reasoning, which I am going to try to explain to you.

#1.   It is a way to pre-order a book or books which is good for everyone.  You as a backer are guaranteed access to a special edition printing.  Only so many books will be created with certain unique features.  When that run of books are gone, they are gone and that form of the book will never be repeated. You as a backer will have your name included on a “Thank You” page in that limited run.

#2.  It certainly assists me financially. Kickstarter takes 5% which is figured into the rewards tiers and the buyer pays shipping which is calculated in as well.  This means the bulk of the funds go directly to the creator … me!  No big fee to Amazon, or a store, or the publisher or anyone else.

#3.  Kickstarter LOVES it when a campaign is launched and it get a lot of action if the first few days. They watch that and if it happens, they acknowledge it by making it a “favorite campaign” and usher it on to the greater the Kickstarter community of folks who love to back projects!  Who woulda’ knew!!??   So, in essence, it has the potential to expand my audience to many people that I would not otherwise ever reach.

At this stage, the above is what I know for sure.  The rest is evolving quickly because the campaign is set to lunch on April 20. It’s the new moon … a very auspicious time!!

As it has been with all things in the creation of The Dreaming Gourd, it is “on-the-job-training”.

When the campaign is launched it will be as well done as I can possibly make it with the resources that are available to me. I am getting incredible assistance creating the campaign from some caring friends. However, none of us are “pros”.

Being a newsletter subscriber, I am going to share a very funny short video with you of the “film set” where I sit and talk to the camera.  Believe it or not, it is much more effective that it looks!

So, please, mark your calendars for April 20 and please visit the Kickstarter website for The Dreaming Gourd campaign launch.  I will take a deep breath hit the “launch button” at 9AM EST.

I will be posting tidbits of information on Facebook and Instagram all through the month.  I know not all of you use those platform, so I will send you a short “reminder newsletter” just before the Kickstarter launch.

In the meantime, please use whatever method you feel comfortable with to help me spread the word.

With Great Gratitude,



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