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The journey of writing a story, illustrating it and getting it into actual publication is so complex!  I had no idea how many moving parts there are.  Duh.  Of course there would be!!   There are editors, and printers and thousands of kinds of papers to consider, color palette, scanners, digitizing everything, font, text size, book size ….. the list is endless!

To say that I have not nearly tossed in the towel would not be honest.  But I promised my mom and a promise is a promise.  She left us in 2020 during covid.  I’ll write about her one day. Right now I must stay focused on the tasks at hand.

About Me

Victoria Mowrer is a multi-dimensional artist, storyteller, magic maker, and lover of all things wild and wonderful. She believes beauty has the power to heal. A passion for exploration, experimentation and truth-seeking has been with her since childhood.

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