Polson, MT, July, 2014

“Hieroglyphics” – Holga 120

Here is another posting about a song and image collaboration with Jeff Coleman.  The title of the song is “Just True” and it is about letter writing.  Language.  Interpretation and misinterpretation.  I know letter writing is a lost art and that is too bad.  The act of sitting down and writing to another in any kind of coherent way is so much more difficult now.  We want fast! Something written by hand is …. s.l.o.w.   Today, receiving an actual hand-written card or letter in the mail is utter amazement and such a delight.  However, when I read the lyrics to this song, I could not help think about my mother and father who met before the war and continued their budding relationship through  letter writing.  I have stacks of them.  Each of them likely interpreted the others writing to mean what they wanted it to and not necessarily what it actually did.   So with that in mind, the image I chose from my stash of artworks for this song was a photograph I took with my Holga 120 of blacksmiths symbols.  When I laid eyes on these in a museum when visiting out West – I thought “hieroglyphics”!  Right there on the spot I made up all kinds of personal interpretations of those symbols that likely had nothing to do with the real meaning.

Take a peek at: www.somewhereoutwest.com/news220819.html

Enjoy the song.  It’s a good one.

PS. Fortunately for my parents, they married and remained so for 75 years. 🙂

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